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Stray Mizzling Hour

Electroluminescent wire, metal, scent, and sound by Jax Deluca; 2017
16′ x 18′ x 16′

This installation is a distillation and abstraction of a moment that is both personal experience and iconic film noir still. An early spring eve, late at night and wet from a day of rain, you are walking home and it begins to rain so you take shelter under the awning of a bar. Though the bar is closed its neon sign continues to flicker and so, you stand there, in that melancholy shifting light, waiting for the rain to stop. As you wait, the mist and drizzle, flickering light and smell of wet pavement draw you into a moment of melancholic reverie. This installation evokes this experience via light and scent. It is a dark space with a flickering, woven electroluminescent panel accompanied by a home-made distillation of the petrachor scent.