About | Artist Statement

I make sculptures that use sensory perception to reframe interpersonal interactions. These objects combine traditional sculpture materials with physical computing to create multi-sensory experiences that are often interactive. Gesture is the fulcrum of this work, leading to sculptures and installations that are relational and responsive. These objects consider social feedback loops, popular narratives of desire, as well as mythology and nostalgia and the fetishism that both imply. They explore negotiations of power and status, authenticity and performance, and preconscious affinities and desires through forms that unsettle and attract. By incorporating interactive components and responding to viewers’ gestures the work creates physical relationships between viewers and objects, activates bodily awareness, and invites viewers to invent ways of interacting with the work that I have not conceived.

I am influenced by Lygia Clark’s Sensorial and Relational Objects which use ritualized and focused gestural performances to reframe the processing of memories, inter-personal interactions, and conceptions of self. My work applies strategies of material and sensory juxtaposition to the design of interactive objects that use embedded electronics. The resulting sculptures call on our embodied knowledge and temporal sensibilities in a process which builds on the suggestion in Clark’s work that relational objects can be transformative and therapeutic.

These sculptures use technology and sensory engagement as their materials. They lead to further questions: What worlds become possible if we take strategies of sensory engagement as guides when building with new technologies? What possible worlds might we discover if we invent new forms – new sensations to structure the self?