Project Description

Portfolio | Interstitial Castings

Semiotic Salvage, 2022- ongoing

Captured Interstitial Space of 5 Iconic Gestures (ranging from airkisses to pushes), Audio, Grasshopper Algorithm, Steel, Enamel

Semiotic Salvage is created with Fala Fazer / Speak Make, an algorithm that produces parametrically designed sculptures whose forms, texturing, and layout are controlled by speech. A Grasshopper/Rhino algorithm takes soundbites and uses the parameters of that audio to arrange shapes derived from Interstitial Castings. Interstitial Castings are sculptures of the negative space between two people engaged in intimate gestures. They are transductions of ephemeral moments of gestural communication. Speak Make uses 2-d interpretations of 3-D sculptures to create new forms in Rhino’s model space. This iteration was waterjet cut in mild steel and then reshaped into its present form. This project engages my ongoing fascination with preconscious forms of affect, how gesture translates between those impulses and an individual’s agency, and the ways that memory and time mutate the significance of those affects and interactions.