Project Description

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Epoxy Clay, Wood, Metal, Foam, PLA, Hair, Vibration Motors, Microphone, Microcontroller; 2019
65 x 80 x 24 inches

The second sculpture in the series, Respiração, translates the rhythm and force of one’s breath into haptic experiences that others can feel on their skin. Three bars extend from the blue hexagonal base. One supports a small and sensitive microphone, the other two support open hexagonal structures whose insides are ringed with orange, five inch long cilias. One person breathes in front of the microphone and the orange cilias vibrate mimicking the force and rhythm of that person’s breath. Others are invited to interact with the hexagonal transducing forms as they choose. All the hinges on the structure are adjustable, allowing people to move the object to suit their stance. Users can arrange the microphone and the transducing cilia so that they can lay down, or have one hexagonal cilia form ringing their leg and another their head. The machine creates a unique experience that focuses attention on the awareness of another’s breathing patterns.