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Sensory Engagement Lab Lectures
About the Sensory Engagement Lab:

The Sensory Engagement Lab fosters collaborations between performers, artists, technologist, and other thinkers to produce interactive and experimental art works. The SEL is part thought experiment, part collaborative making session, part research lab. We look at how novel combinations of materials and embedded electronics contribute to sensory experience.

The Sensory Engagement  Lab holds bi-monthly meetings on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm.
At our meetings we share projects and topics of interest, talk about current work, and collaboratively problem solve technical and design issues.

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1st Sensory Engagement Lab Lecture  

Tuesday, September 18th,  7:30 pm:  

Products and Platforms as Art: Food, Sex, Finance by Liz Flyntz

Liz Flyntz is a curator, information architect, and artist. She’s organized exhibitions and screenings about time capsules, money, ergonomic furniture, slogans, Radical Software, and rock n’ roll nostalgia for venues in the US and Germany. The Present Is the Form of All Life, the book she co-edited about the time capsule works of media art and architecture group Ant Farm is available through DAP Press. She’s also written for The Creators Project, AfterImage, and Intercourse magazines.

Currently, she’s working with the bio-artist Byron Rich on Epicurean Endocrinology, a series of sex-hormone altering meals and food products that explore the endocrine disrupting properties of industrially produced food. She’s co-founder and principal strategist of the blockchain based studio/research lab Lalena.

She has an MFA from the Media Study department at SUNY Buffalo where she started and co-edited the now-defunct journal Erotic Economies. 

About talk: 

In this talk I’ll present my recent work on Club Lalena, a blockchain-based platform for valuation of volunteer labor, and Epicurean Endocrinology, an artistic research project that also seeks to develop a product. As an artist, curator, and information designer, I’m interested in developing new ways to present and contextualize information. I’m also interested how products can distribute information and engage conversation in a way that differs phenomenologically, ideologically, and strategically from artworks.
Lalena/ Blockchain Project:
Epicurean Endocrinology:

2nd Sensory Engagement Lab Lecture 

Tuesday, October 2nd, 7:00 pm: 

Soliloquy by J.T. Rinker

J.T. Rinker is a  composer and media artist working in Troy, NY. His current practice includes traditionally defined work in acoustic, electroacoustic, computer assisted and interactive computer composition, as well as cross-disciplinary work in multi-media installations, physical computing, kinetic sculpture, film, and video. His work is informed by and often combines elements from these various fields.

Info about talk:

3rd Sensory Engagement Lab Lecture   

Tuesday, October 16th,  7:00 pm

Embodying Data: Environmental sensors and kinetic sculpture as a working method by Cy Keener

Cy Keener is an interdisciplinary artist focused on creating field recordings of natural phenomena and experiential representations of these recordings. Recent projects have measured rainfall on a per drop basis, recorded moments of turbulence in a river of wind with an array of 60 sensors, and deployed ocean drifters to report wave and sky conditions in the North Pacific. His gallery representations are often at the installation scale – coaxing strings of numbers into immersive light, space and sound.  Cy is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture and Emerging Technology at the University of Maryland’s Department of Art.

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