SoftWEAR: Introduction to Wearable Computing & Art Residency on Toronto Island
Come make wearable art with me as part of SoftWEAR: Introduction to Wearable Computing & Art. This residency will take place at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island from April 2-16, 2018. This year we are expanding the residency to two weeks and will feature studio visits and special seminar days with guest instructors from InterAccess Gallery.

During the residency we will learn how to sense presence and have objects respond, use the non-linear power of computer controlled algorithms to enhance user interaction, and incorporate responsive elements like light and sound into objects and installations. Soft circuitry techniques and coding in the Arduino IDE will be demoed and explored in the development of interactive wearable projects. The residency culminates in a panel discussion on the future and implications of wearable technology hosted by and at InterAccess Gallery in Toronto.

For more information please see the Artscape Residency page.

To apply click here and specify that you are applying for SoftWEAR. The Dec 1st application Deadline is fast approaching!